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    Providers of practical, effective, recovery focused support for persons with poor mental health.

    Who are we and what do we do?



  • Evidencing Client Centred Outcomes

    Avondalecare is involved in developing an online web based system which promotes recovery through a fully automated paperless planning and recording system with a built in adapted mental health recovery star.




  • Social Inclusion Centre

    Our Social Inclusion Centre (SIC) is based in Westgate and is now open daily from 12-3pm.

    Why not find out whats going on by looking at our online calendar?

    What is our Social Inclusion Centre.




  • Volunteer

    Avondalecare has links with local universities & communities to provide volunteer opporunities for people considering working in the sector. ISA checks and training provided.





  • Avondalecare's Newsletter

    Avondalecare now produces a newsletter to improve communication and to promote recovery ideas. Read more...




  • Make a Referral

    Find out about what Avondalecare provides and make a referral.





  • Welcome to Avondalecare.co.uk
  • Our system is being tested for use in the next few weeks
  • Our social inclusion centre promotes community enagagement, peer support networks and develops interests and hobbies to build self esteem and identity.
  • Oppotunities for volunteers to get much needed experience, whilst increasing local community enagagement with service users.
  • Our newsletters are available online at Avondalecare.co.uk
  • Short referral forms are available online, or you can request one to be posted, faxed or emailed to you.

Practical, effective, recovery focused support.

Avondalecare provides a practical, responsive support service throughout East Kent to individuals and families who are dealing with the challenge of living with a mental health condition. We are committed to delivering a genuinely person centred service that will be of real benefit to our clients.


Some of the key things we provide include:

  • One to one support from qualified staff.
  • Professional and practical support to address any issues inhibiting an individual's recovery (e.g. financial, emotional, social and psychological issues)
  • Help for clients to obtain and maintain their own private accommodation.
  • A social club that regularly arranges sporting activities, art and photography classes, social events, day trips etc.
  • Emergency support in the evenings and weekends via a dedicated phone line.

At Avondalecare we fully believe in a recovery focused approach and work hard to help individuals obtain and maintain all the skills and support they require to live as successfully and independently as possible.

We have extensive experience working with some of the most challenging situations that mental health problems can cause. To Avondalecare everyone is an individual and no one is dismissed as “too difficult” on the basis of past events. We strive hard to build mutually respectful, trusting relationships with our clients so that we are better able to help them towards gaining increased stability and control over their lives.

If you would like to learn more about what we do please see How can we help?


whats going on?

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