Are there any restrictions as to who can receive the service?

There are currently no restrictions for referral into residential care apart from the issue of the availability of a bedroom within the registered homes. When referring for community support service, service users need to be receiving an 'enhanced' CPA.

Can I talk to someone to see if the service is suitable?

Of course, please use the 'contact us' and speak to one of the Community Support Managers or Care Home Managers

Making a self referral.

The service is, of course, open to all so you may self refer. Your social worker may need to re-assess you to see if this service is necessary. It may therefore be advantageous to include your social worker in the referral process.

What is the process of referral?

Once a service has been highlighted as being a possibility the following would need to happen:

  • An application form will need to be filled in and returned along with extra information as highlighted in the application form.
  • We will then make arrangements to meet with the individual to carry out assessment.
  • We will then make a decision about whether we can meet the support needs of the person. This will be communicated to the service user and the social worker.
  • A support worker will be assigned by Avondalecare who will meet the service user in order to start the process of developing a support plan.


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