Avondalecare has been developing an online support plan portal called ECCO with Adam Hamer & Holly Carr of Ecco Solutions since late 2011. Adam has a MSc from Sheffield University in Programming and Internet Security. The project has been developed out of our shared experience within health and social care and programming.

What does it do?

The system allows Avondalecare Ltd to evidence client outcomes as they are achieved. The outcomes are split into the following areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Social Contact
  • Living Skills
  • Accommodation
  • Finances

Every time contact is made with a service user something is achieved, even if it is only the continuing development of ‘trust and rapport’. Each contact report, is assigned as evidence of meeting or attempting to meet any of the predefined pre-agreed goals within the support plan. If you like to know what all the possible outcomes are that can be chosen to form a support plan, please speak to us.

As well as evidencing outcomes it allows Avondalecare to become paperless; the client’s entire file is kept online for access by themselves and those they allow access. The system also includes a risk management system, calendar and automated referral system.

But what about Confidentiality and Security?

Information is kept on the most secure servers in the UK. These are the same ones that the NHS uses to maintain their online patient databases. For more information about confidentiality and what Internet security is used to protect information please speak to us, or find for information at the end of this article.

Are predefined outcomes ‘person centered’?

It may sound as if ‘predefined’ outcomes are a bit restrictive and not person centered, but the outcomes have been written in such a way as to allow a large degree of latitude in how the outcomes are achieved. The outcomes have been written in such a way in order for them to be universal in their need to be achieved. Here are just a few examples of 180+ goals that have been identified: Outcome/Goal:

  • For Support worker and Service User to met to build rapport and trust.
  • To be registered with a GP.
  • To regularly meet with friends/ peers to develop interdependence and peer support networks.
  • To identify a long held desire which until now has not been realised due to the obstacle of poor health.
  • For the service user to identify, attend and benefit from community activities without support.
  • Recognise that social opportunities exist and maybe beneficial to improving confidence.

The two concepts that make this predefined outcomes person centered are therefore:

1. The service user can choose which outcomes they want to achieve.

2. Although the end goal may be somewhat prescriptive, how the goal is achieved is not.

Where did the outcomes come from?

The outcomes have been written by our staff and service users and have been developed from MHPF (Mental Health Providers Forum) and Triangle’s Recovery Star. In consultation with staff and service users we have developed the outcomes based on attempted and achieved ‘real world’ outcomes and goals. We used the ‘Recovery Star’ as our starting point and developed the outcomes to fit into the Recovery Star’s underlying model of change

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whats going on?

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